What is a Pheromone Traps?

What is a pheromone traps

The question “What is a pheromone traps?” is frequently asked, especially by producers. Pheromones are a method of communication among insects of the same species, particularly during mating periods. Through this, insects interact with the opposite sex in a region, mate, and lay their eggs on plants or in the soil within that region. The increasing population of insects that damage agricultural products in this manner can cause significant harvest losses.

The answer to the question of what a pheromone traps is lies here. These trapss attract insects with scents that lure them, preventing mating. They are also an essential tool for mass trapsping. In this article, we will explain what producers need to know about pheromone trapss.

What is a pheromone traps
What is a pheromone traps

What is a Pheromone Traps?

A pheromone traps is a volatile chemical mechanism that mimics the scent emitted by pests in agricultural areas, thus attracting and capturing the insect. Pheromones attract the insect, which is then caught using a simple traps. Especially during mating periods, these trapss help keep pest populations under control. Mating pheromones are commonly used in trapss.

There are various pheromone trapss, such as water trapss, Scandinavian-type trapss, funnel-type pheromone trapss, and McPhail trapss. Particularly, Tuta trapss are among the most commonly used products.

How to Prepare a Pheromone Traps?

Another frequently asked question by producers is how these trapss are prepared. The preparation and use of these trapss are very simple. There is no need for any complex tools or machines, making them easily usable by all producers.

Here are the steps to prepare a pheromone traps:

  • Trapss and the pheromones to be used in them should be placed before adult insects appear. This ensures that the first adult flight is captured. This helps to determine whether there are harmful insects in the agricultural area and to understand their population. If more than a certain number of adult insects are caught, it indicates that the population will increase, as these insects lay their eggs on plants and soil. The larvae from these eggs can sometimes cause up to 100% damage to the harvest.
  • Pheromones should be frozen until they are ready to use. Therefore, storage is essential. If freezing is not possible, they should be kept cool. Using pheromones directly after being in a warm environment will reduce the performance of the trapss.
  • Avoid direct contact with pheromones. If possible, use double forceps or wear latex gloves. Gloves are especially important if you are using them for multiple pests. Contamination from human hands will reduce effectiveness.
  • Pheromones in the trapss should be replaced every 3-4 weeks. However, this period can vary depending on the pest species, population, and the type of traps used.
  • Trapss should be monitored periodically. Daily monitoring is the most effective, but at least once a week is necessary.
What is a pheromone traps
What is a pheromone traps

Purposes of Using Pheromone Trapss

Pheromone trapss are used for three different purposes: monitoring, mass trapsping, and mating disruption.

  • In monitoring use, adult insects are counted several times a week, and maximum flight activity is calculated. This helps to place the correct number of trapss to minimize the pest population. The data obtained during this process is also shared with other producers.
  • Mass trapsping is a control method. Sometimes only male pests are captured, and sometimes both genders are caught and neutralized.
  • Mating disruption is another control method. This technique involves saturating the area with pheromones, disrupting communication among insects, and thus preventing mating.

Pheromone Traps Prices

The prices of pheromone trapss can vary depending on many factors. Since they are generally purchased in large quantities, prices may vary according to the number of units bought. One of the main criteria in determining the prices is the type of traps you choose. Different trapss may be preferred for different pests. For example, delta trapss and water trapss can be chosen for catching different pests. Therefore, the type of product and pest in your garden should guide your choice.

While answering the question of what a pheromone traps is, we have also addressed many other questions related to these trapss. For more detailed information about these trapss, you can contact us and get answers to all your questions and place your order promptly.