Who Are We?

Kapar Company; Kapar Organic Agriculture Industry Trade Ltd. Company is among the organic agriculture-friendly companies that continues to work under the signature of the company and produce added value with qualified actions in the field of domestic production for Turkey.

Kapar Organic founded by Dr. Tuncer ÇEVİK on October 23- 2000. It started to work by producing pheromones and traps that are not produced in Turkey. Our company continues to work by licensing its R&D works by the Ministry of Agriculture. It is still the first and only native company in this field.

Kapar Company has started to production of pheromones, that is an important ingredient and a chemical substance created from the attractive hormones of members of the same species.  At the same time our Company took on the mission of producing various traps that are not produced in the country. Through it has signed to important works.


We are moving on with our 20+ years sectoral experience.


We have until this year +1M Kapar Website visitor.


Product Diversity Serving Different Purposes


Customer Happiness

In which areas do we provide service?

Our production activities are to supply products that support organic agriculture and also to enable the control against harmful pests that may hinder good agriculture without harming the environment and human health.

  • Insect catching gum
  • Color traps
  • Pheromone traps
  • Traps against forest pests
  • Cockroach and ant feed
  • Productions against general pests
  • Biotechnical control in apple, pear and quince gardens
  • Production of sticky traps for fly and mosquito control
  • Biotechnical control in apricot and peach gardens
  • Light traps
  • Biotechnical control in olive, citrus, cherry and sour cherry, forest fruit gardens
  • Biotechnical control in greenhouses
  • Biotechnical control in hazelnut gardens
  • Pheromone traps against Mediterranean fruit fly
  • Biotechnical control of palm trees

We continue our services and productions within the scope we have listed.

Our Approvals and Documents

We accord with all the issues declared by the relevant ministries in our production and service areas. We offer a complete and quality service concept with our patents and licenses.

We have Insect Catching Glue Patent (TR200001372 B ), 15.05.2005 and many License Certificates obtained from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

And we also share the happiness of having these awards;

  • Platinum apple R&D award given by Isparta governorship on 06.12.2013 for our contribution to apple cultivation,
  • “TECHNOLOGICAL PRODUCT EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE” given by Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Mr. Fikri Işık
  • TMMOB Chamber of Agricultural Engineers 2015 Service Award.