Biotechnical Control of Pests with Kapar Organic

Kapar Organic, which started to locally produce pheromone and color traps that are not produced in Turkey, has made a great contribution to Organic Agriculture, Good Agriculture and Biotechnical Struggle. In this issue, Kapar Organic Agriculture General Manager Mr. Zir. Eng. Caner Çevik talked about the color traps and pheromones in the product range and mentioned that Kapar Organic offers more economical products to our farmers and makes beneficial contributions to organic production. Happy reading.

With the increasing population in the world, the use of chemical products has increased in order to obtain maximum efficiency from agricultural production. Alternative methods have gained importance as a result of the damage caused by chemical products to the environment and disrupting the natural balance. One of them is pheromone traps, which are biotechnical methods. Our company provides more economical products to the farmers and contributes to organic production with locally produced pheromone traps. Since 2000, it has been working to inform manufacturers and to produce better quality, non-toxic products.

Sustainable Solution in Greenhouse: Color Traps and Pheromones

Apart from the products we offer for fruit growing, we are extremely happy to increase the variety of products we offer for greenhouse and greenhouse production, which constitutes an important part of production in our country. In this context, it contributes to greenhouse agriculture with various sizes of yellow-blue color traps and yellow-blue roller traps in the production of products such as lettuce, cabbage and strawberries in vegetable seedlings. Apart from these, pheromone traps, determination of adult emergence – insect tracking – provide the opportunity to effectively combat the problem of tuta and green worms in tomato, which is one of the most important productions. A combination of blue color trap and pheromone is used to combat the thrips beetle, which is an important pest in vegetables and strawberry production. The absence of insecticide residues in greenhouse products obtained by the use of pheromone traps will facilitate the export of the product at higher prices. Another benefit is that it will create a strong infrastructure for organic agriculture, which is developing rapidly in our country as in the whole world, and it will increase the variety and amount of organic farming products in our country. It should be added that it will make a significant contribution to the protection of soil, water and wildlife.

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