Housefly Trap


The powdered attractant from the package is poured into the bottle, the bottle is filled half full of water and mix. The bottle is capped and the trap is ready. Hang your prepared trap in a place out of direct sun and high winds. Hang the trap about 10-15 meters away from the area you want to protect and 1.5 – 2 meters above the ground. It works better to hang the trap in the resting areas of the flies. Depending on the air temperature, the water in the trap will decrease as a result of evaporation. Therefore, periodically check the water level of the trap and add water. Traps that dry up become inoperable. Flies carry microorganisms that cause disease. Please hang your traps out of the reach of children and pets. After the trap is completely filled with flies, empty the bucket without polluting the environment.

Usage Areas

  • Resort, hotel and restaurant gardens
  • Home, summer cottage, greenhouse, garden areas
  • Cattle and sheep farms
  • Feedlots and integrated facilities
  • Feed mills
  • Garbage collection and storage areas
  • Food production facilities
  • Treatment facilities

Mass Catch

The special formulation in the housefly trap mixes with water and emits smell. Thus, this smell attracts them inside the houseflies around it and prevents the breeding of flies that get inside.