European Cherry Fruit Fly

Host Plants

Cherry, sour cherry

Cherry fly adult is 4-5 mm in length and has a yellow triangular structure at the tip of the thorax.

Type of Damage

As a result of the larvae feeding inside the fruit, the flesh of the fruit turns brown and rots and fruit falls occur. In addition, the fruits have low market value at harvest, because they are wormy.


After the cherry and sour cherry petals have completely fallen, traps are hung to the south of the trees at 1 trap/decares. Trap counts are carried out once a week and when insect emergence is detected, the appropriate control method should be selected.

Mass Catch

After the flowers fall in the gardens where the population is low and medium density, traps are hung on each of the tall trees, and at 10 m intervals in gardens with dwarf trees, at a height of 1-1.5 m from the ground to the south of the trees.

Recommended Control
Types for This Pest