Yellow Sticky Trap

Target Pest

Whitefly, leafminer flies, fruit flies, aphids, mosquito etc.


Using yellow sticky traps to control pests in greenhouses is more effective, economical and convenient than other methods. Traps should be hung 15-20 cm above the plant immediately after planting and raised in parallel with plant growth. They should be used by hanging 20 traps per decare for monitoring purposes, and 120-150 traps per decare for mass catch.

Among the two methods, the traps should be hung in the greenhouses at the appropriate time and followed up at certain times. If the trap is covered with insects, the traps should be replaced with new ones. This action is continued until the harvest.

It is suitable for use in greenhouses, gardens, agricultural areas where production is made.


10×25, 20×25, 40×25 please contact us for custom size.