Indian Meal Moth

Host Plants

Cereal, cereal products, flour, dried fruits, cocoa, spices

The bottom part of the front wings of the adult is yellow, the tip is red and dark stained. Adult female lays 300-400 eggs in the food environment during 2-4 weeks of life. The development period is 37-52 days in suitable conditions. The growing period is 37-52 days in suitable conditions. It gives 2-5 offspring per year depending on the conditions.

Type of Damage

Warehouse pests feed heavily on smudged products and cause weight and seed loss. In addition, the product loses quality due to the residues, feces and web substances secreted by the pests.

Mass Catch

It is used via pheromone dispenser, delta trap and bucket type trap. Traps are hung as close as possible to the product, as 1 piece / 100 m2. Pheromone dispensers are replaced every 4-6 weeks and traps should be used once a week by removing them from the pest.

Recommended Control
Types for This Pest